The Tamburitzans – 79 Years Strong! ….and starting over

Robert Vukic
Executive Director
The Tamburitzans

In business, and in life, 79 years is a long time. Think of any 79 year-old person you know. They are typically wise, reflective, and open to sharing the experiences of those 79 years to anyone who will listen. A business that is 79 years old is, by most standards, viewed as successful. After all, it has survived significant challenge in economic and technology advancements and had to adapt to those changes successfully.

The Tamburitzans are 79 years old. We are starting over, with much excitement about our future. We started this year with many new dynamics, and our audience has responded very well! They love the new show, its energy and updated costuming. The graphic overview of our show and narration has enlightened newcomers in our audience. They have told us they love that insight and it provides them with a better understanding of what they are experiencing.

There is also a fair amount of uncertainty as we are, effective July 1, 2016, an independent enterprise, separated for the first time from Duquesne University. This uncertainty also gives us opportunity. Opportunity to extend this wonderful experience to students studying at other universities such as Pitt, Point Park, CCAC, Robert Morris, and other regional universities interested in extending this rich opportunity to their students.

So – exactly what is this opportunity today? Simply stated, we are promoting the opportunity of an education. We are promoting an opportunity for students to perform an ethnic and diverse show while pursuing their education. We are promoting the entire experience that comes with that opportunity. Personal growth and development, tangible time-management skills that future employers seek, independence that yields decision making crucial to today’s businesses, healthcare providers, education establishments, etc.

While The Tamburitzans of the past 79 years have provided extensive benefits to its scholarship recipients, and we are grateful for that platform and its recognition and good-will, we are now moving forward with new vision. Yes this vision feels a little challenging at times. The executive staff and creative team, along with the new Board of Directors are clearing the way for that vision.   Funding will drive clarity for that vision. We are confident that the Pittsburgh community, coupled with our extensive national followers, will help provide substantial support to enable us to continue providing a unique education experience while promoting a one-of-a-kind lifetime Tamburitzan experience.


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