Why Sponsor a Show?

  • Sponsoring a Tamburitzans showSponsoring a Tamburitzans show is a rewarding experience.  Sponsorship provides both entertainment and financial benefit.
  • The Tamburitzans unique performance of international music, song and dance makes the ensemble an ideal choice for presenters who want a family-friendly, energetic, LIVE stage performance. Our ensemble has 30+ performers – singers, musicians and dancers – who perform each and every element of the production themselves. No pre-recorded “ghost” performers here!
  • Our full show runs “almost exactly” 2 hours, including an intermission.
  • Our show can be the perfect complement to a concert series that seeks high-quality entertainment and variety!
  • We can tailor our show to your wants and needs. For example, The Tamburitzans are available for Full-Length Shows, Family-Friendly Performances, Pre/Post-Show Discussions, Educational Assemblies, Outreach Classes – and more!
  • Depending upon your market size, your venue, and the level of promotion, a Tammie show can draw a thousand ticket-buyers or more. When you “do the math,” the financial reward can be substantial!