What is Involved in Presenting a Show?

Roma ladies

  • Select a date for the show.
  • Select a time for the show – we suggest 3:00 pm for a matinee and 7:00 pm for an evening performance.
  • Secure a venue. This would be at the sponsor/presenter’s cost and should meet The Tamburitzans specifications (see Tech Rider).
  • Pay The Tamburitzans fee. The base fee for a show is standard; any costs incurred by The Tamburitzans relative to travel, lodging and meals would be added to the show fee.
  • Effectively promote The Tamburitzans show in your area via local print, broadcast and social media as well as display of (Tamburitzans-provided) posters and flyers.
  • Sell tickets to the public. The ticket price is up to you (the sponsor/presenter). We can make recommendations depending on your market, venue, financial goals, etc.
  • Profits from ticket sales would go to the sponsor/presenter.