Show Specifications (Tech Rider)

Load-In / Load-Out For Tamburitzans Performance
Example Assumes a 7:00 PM Showtime

EventTimeT-Minus to Showtime
Arrive at Show Site
3:00 PM
Unload Bus
3:20 PM
Pre-Show Set-Up Begins
3:30 PM
Sound Checks
5:00 PM
Pre-Show Meeting
5:30 PM
Dance Warm-Ups
5:45 PM
Curtain Closes / Final Show Prep
6:15 PM
Sellers in Lobby & Auditorium
6:30 PM
Close Down Selling / Backstage
6:55 PM
Curtain Opens
7:00 PM
Show Ends / Load Out Begins9:00 PM
Bus Packed / Load Out Complete10:00 PM

Performance Space

The performing area (not including the apron, off-stage areas, crossover, etc.) should measure at least 40′ wide by 30′ deep. A Marley dance floor is preferred; minimally, the stage should have a smooth floor free of holes, cracks, splinters, nails, etc. Please have this area cleared, swept and mopped before our arrival.

For the performers’ safety, rosin or a rosin substitute will be used on the stage floor to provide traction at the Tamburitzans’ discretion. We presently travel with “Slip-No-Mor,” a professional product to be used for this purpose.

The stage should have black masking curtains stage left and right. A minimum 8′ of wing space stage left and right is required. Upstage should have a black traveler or a white cyclorama. A “cross-over” space upstage of the back curtain is required. If this is not available, a hallway with easy access to both sides of the stage will suffice. A minimum of 4′ of apron space down stage of the performing area is required for dancer safety.

Dressing rooms for 16 men and 15 women should be provided to accommodate the performers. Forty chairs should be available for the performers use near the dressing areas.

Haze and smoke effects are used in the performance and appropriate arrangements should be made to disable smoke/fire alarms during the show where possible and when required.


The Tamburitzans perform with a live band. We will provide a complete sound system. The sound system requires 3 dedicated 20-amp circuits: 2 on stage and 1 at the Front of House mix position.

An in-house mixing position for the sound console is required. An 8′ Banquet table with 2 chairs is requested for this purpose. Seat kills may be required to put the Sound console in the Audience. Please take that into consideration before tickets are sold.

A digital snake will be run from the front of house position to upstage.

An audio feed may be sent to the House Sound System if required for dressing room, foyer, assisted listening, or additional house coverage.

The company travels with a wireless walkie-talkie system. We can communicate using a house system if necessary.


All requested house lighting should be hung, gelled and focused prior to our arrival. The lighting requirements are as follows:

Two to four overhead borders (depending on size of stage), consisting of wash of red, blue, and no color; each color should have its own dimmer. There is no need to separate the colors by borders, unless that method is the only way to utilize all of the lights (e.g. instead of 3 dimmers for a first, second and third border red stage, just use one). Other colors, such as amber will also be used if available. The Tamburitzans carry no gels.

There should be some form of lighting from the auditorium area to the stage, either in the auditorium ceiling or on the balcony rail.. It is preferred that these lights be in the auditorium ceiling and be adjusted to cover the entire stage. They should be on separate dimmers and focused across the front of the stage in three areas (10′ small center, 20′ wide center, right and left sides), and upstage to the back curtain.

If available lighting cannot adequately cover the entire stage, the lighting instruments should be focused across the front of the stage, allowing overhead stage lighting to wash the upstage area.

The front lighting areas should have either no color, Rosco #33 or Rosco #02 in them in order to “do justice” to the Tamburitzans’ intricately colorful costumes. If there are still instruments available after the front areas are set, some hot and cool washes such as red and blue could be set. These extras need not be broken into areas like the white area, so each color should be on its own dimmer. (The stage size used by the Tamburitzans is not always the same as the house markings; the areas from the front will usually have to be focused to their markings.)

Any remaining light fixtures may be used for special effects. These should be made available and ready to be hung from existing overhead light bars.

Two follow spots with communication from the light board to both spots. Gel colors will be discussed upon arrival. We carry no gels – our minimum gel requirement is red and blue. Qualified individuals will be needed to operate the follow spots.


The company does not travel with a light control system therefore it will be necessary to use the house system for lighting purposes. We do have a lighting technician who can operate the house system or he will make lighting calls coordinating with a house technician


The Company typically travels with an Artistic Director, Tour Manager, and 1 additional technician along with the 31 student-performers. These technicians and company members provide the majority of the setup and show operation. The facility should provide at a minimum one stage technician with access to all parts of the stage and a complete knowledge of all lighting and sound systems. The stage technician(s) should be available for the entire time that the company is in the facility.

Additional Requirements

Separate hot showers for men and women should be made available immediately following the performance.

Two large cafeteria-type tables will be required in the lobby, where souvenir recordings and merchandise will be displayed for sale to the public.

The backstage area, including hallways and dressing areas, will be restricted for use and passage only by the Tamburitzans and authorized stage crew. These areas are to be kept off-limits (with security personnel, if necessary) to the public during the occupation of the premises by the Tamburitzans.

Bottled Water: At least two cases (48 bottles, 16-oz or more each) of bottled drinking water must be available for the performers’ consumption prior to and during the show.

Thank you for helping with our Technical and staging requests for this performance. We are anxious to give your audience the best show possible.

Should there be any questions please contact:
Robert Vukic – Executive Director
PIFAI d/b/a the Tamburitzans
1801 Boulevard of the Allies
Pittsburgh, PA 15219
Office: 412.224.2071
Mobile: 724.502.6041