Benefits of Being a Tamburitzan

If you enjoy performing and would like to be a part of a premier ensemble, then The Tamburitzans may be the place for you! Gain the Experience of a Lifetime while you earn your college degree. Substantial scholarship money is available to deserving and talented students.

You don’t just join The Tamburitzans – you are a Tamburitzan – for life!

Becoming a part of a performance team has unique benefits. You indeed will develop your performing/dance/musical skills through hard work and expert instruction – and you will do so with passion! A Tamburitzan not only has a thirst for dancing, singing or playing an instrument. A Tamburitzan also has one additional level of awareness – acquiring as much cultural knowledge as possible so as to educate the audiences you perform for – all while entertaining them.

The personal relationships you make while working with your peers will develop into lifelong friendships and memories. All Tamburitzans alumni vividly remember all of the hard work, dedication and drive it took to not only build a show each year but to perform this show across the country and make each audience feel as though they were at the première!

As a Tamburitzans performer, you will enjoy the intellectual stimulation of sharing ideas and learning from others. Collaborating with others will help identify your own strengths and weaknesses. Enhanced self-awareness will both help your approach to learning and will be an invaluable lifelong skill. Your interpersonal skills such as speaking and listening, as well as team working skills, will build leadership qualities that you will find useful throughout your academic career and be valued by employers as you begin your work career after graduation. By owning the ability to work with others, you can achieve much more!

Tamburitzans Benefits