Our Vision

Spain GreeceThe Tamburitzans are dedicated to delivering goodwill for the City of Pittsburgh by perpetuating international cultural heritages through music and dance performance. As the successor troupe to the Duquesne University Tamburitzans, The Tamburitzans are already adept at presenting Eastern European cultures. But now, the scope of presentation has been expanded to include additional cultures that also are part of America’s diverse population.

The Tamburitzans promote cultural exchange – emanating from Pittsburgh but extending to communities throughout the United States and globally though exceptional performance that elevates the folk arts and the native cultures which they represent.

As the arts are an essential component of a complete education, The Tamburitzans’ new support organization, Pittsburgh International Folk Arts Institute (PIFAI, a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation, dba/The Tamburitzans), will award academic scholarships to talented and deserving students attending a consortium of Pittsburgh-based universities and colleges.

In addition to the ensemble, PIFAI is formed to be a folk arts “epicenter” as a resource and inspiration for teachers, instructors and researchers interested in understanding and advancing the human condition as reflected in their native cultures. The organization’s rich archive of folk arts treasures will be enhanced and expanded to include ethnic groups beyond Eastern Europe.

Through community outreach, PIFAI/The Tamburitzans will identify and engage the best performing artists, teachers, consultants and students in order to share the highest achievements of these cultures and to pursue a universal language which encourages exchange and communication among all people. Additionally, PIFAI leadership envisions sponsorship of folk festivals which will provide an essential platform for the celebration and appreciation of all cultures.

PIFAI also will position the organization to more broadly pursue charitable support from individuals, the foundation community and government agencies.